Riding The Trams

Riding The Trams

Trams are one of the easiest and economical ways to get around in Melbourne city. If we look at the stats, Melbourne is rated as one of the best livable cities in the entire world. Moreover, it serves the largest number of tourists from different corners of the world all over the year.
Those who have booked their accommodation somewhere in central Melbourne or are planning to move around CBD, the great news is that trams run free of cost in this area. But it is also important to mention that tour to Melbourne doesn’t end with the surrounding area of CBD; there are many other beautiful places to explore around. While moving out of this free zone, you will see stickers and signs and the announcer will also let you know about the same. However, even after that, the tram is one of the cheapest public transport in the city.
Getting around with Public Tram System in Melbourne:
While travelling in the tram in the different parts of the city, you may need to have Myki card. They are easily available from 7-11, different convenience stores in the city; other than this, you can find them at train stations and retail outlets as well. The card costs somewhere around $6 and travelers can top it up using Myki money or Myki pass.
These trams in Melbourne are operated by Yarra tram company, and you can find an extensive number of routes connecting different parts of the city. Twenty-four different routes cover almost 250 km area and carry unlimited passengers every day.
You will be happy to hear that trams are available throughout the week and they run at a short gap to save a lot of time for the travelers. The timings are 10.00 am to 6.00 pm from Sunday to Wednesday; whereas from Thursday to Saturday, you can catch tram between 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. Note that they run in both directions with a short gap of 12 minutes.
You can check out tram zone map to know more about different destinations. They generally cover track between Flinders Street, Spring Street, Nicholson Street, Victoria Street, La Trobe Street, Docklands Drive, Harbour Esplanade and again to Flinders Street. The timing for various stations can be checked on stations, online or via apps.
As already mentioned, trams are one of the cheapest options to travel in the city. The circle city trams are absolutely free; however, if you move out of the free tram zone map via route 35, you can make payment for a ticket via Myki card. The estimated cost is $4.30 in one direction, and the daily cap is $8.60. The cost usually varies depending upon how much hours you ride the tram and which zone you cover.
Whether you are in the city to handle some business deal or are planning to enjoy panoramic views with friends and family; it is good to board the tram for a convenient and comfortable travel experience.

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