Airport Transportation Guide

Airport Transportation Guide

So, you are planning to visit a beautiful and vibrant city during summer vacations and have booked your tickets to Melbourne. Well, that’s amazing! There are so many things to explore around the city, and you will be able to collect so many memories during this trip.
But are you aware of the best possible modes of transportation in the city? After getting out of Melbourne Airport, you will likely want to continue to the Central Business District, and there are so many options to move between these two points.
Note that this airport is located at a distance of 22 kilometres to the north-west direction from the city centre. It is close to the industrial suburb of the Tullamarine; however, the place is not so close to downtown as like Sydney Airport.
Below we have listed some of the best options to move between Melbourne Tullamarine Airport to Melbourne CBD.

Here comes one of the most convenient option to move between MEL and CBD. It is a 24×7 hour service, and it can pick you up from two locations at MEL airport: Qantas/Jetstar domestic terminal or Virgin Australia terminal.
You can get tickets from the desk at T1 or T3; it is also possible to get an electronic ticket from the driver directly. The trip to CBD will take not more than 20 minutes via bus and one-way journey costs somewhere around $18. The shuttle departs after every 10 minutes, and you can enjoy a comfortable journey with free wifi. The Skybus drops you off at Southern Cross station, and also has additional free transfer and pickup service that can transfer you to/from various points in the CBD.

Taxi can be the quickest option to move between the airport and CBD station; after all, there is no need to wait so long like the bus timings. As soon as you are ready to go, you can catch a taxi from the designated taxi ranks at different terminals of the airport.
They are located on the ground floor, exactly outside terminal 1 as well as between terminal 2 and 3. The return fair may cost you $80 in a taxi, and parking fee of A$2.00 also applies. However, for the premium parking area, the fee is A$3.00.

Public Train:
Currently, there are no direct connections between Tullamarine Airport and the city transit network. Taxis, buses, and shared van services provide the primary public transfer options. A direct transit link to Melbourne airport is actively being discussed, but may not become a reality for several years.

You can choose any of these available options to move between Tullamarine Airport and CBD. Other than this, some business professionals and executives prefer to hire a luxurious limo in the city. Although the prices for such vehicles are comparatively high, they can help your family travel with comfort on some special occasions. The public transport options, on the other hand, can help you save more, especially if you are a routine traveler. There are so many tourist destinations to explore public transport can connect you to most of those places with ease.

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